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From Edge 2 Edge Website and Blog location

July 24, 2015

I have changed my blog location to a different provider, but I will leave this WordPress active as an archive of older events.

We are in the midst of working on Roots/Routes for Quilts on the Wall and our Urban Graffiti quilts have been submitted to the jury process and may be seen at Road to California in January 2016.

I submitted a SAQA piece for “Oasis” and hope that it will be selected for the Palm Springs Mancusco show.

Black and White with a Twist Update

January 11, 2012

Both David and I have our Quilts on the Wall “Black and White with a Twist” quilts well underway. I find it really amazing how much you can get done in 15 minute blocks of time. David and I are both in the quilting stage and we try to work in at least 15 minutes of stitch time as soon as we get home.

I would love to show the progress on the quilts but since they will be debuting at the July Long Beach show (if they get selected). Restrictions on posting to a blog or website are in effect. I will tell you that I had fun using a Wordle as part of my design element and I will be adding my “color twist” after everything the quilting. The rules allow up to 10% color and I am hoping I mess this part up as it will be paint.

I will be getting a “pre-critique” from my sister when I show it to her later this month. I took a photo early in the process so it will be interesting to compare the “before, during, and last” when I get it all done. David and I did share at the Quilts on the Wall meeting our progress. They are so totally different in scope. Someone described David’s quilt as “disturbing” and Mark Stone picked mine as his favorite.

Keep creating and remember that you can get a major amount of work done in small blocks of time!

Christmas Cheer

December 26, 2011

David and I made it through the Christmas hub-bub with a minimum amount of stress. We celebrated Christmas day with his family and had a wonderful time. Our nephew and niece brought the excitement of the day to life. How much fun to watch them open their gifts on Christmas morning.

Alex is so smart and so interested in everything, even math. Jessica is just a hoot. Strongly opinionated but still sweet and very smart also. We always teased her father about getting an offspring just like him and he did. He is going to have a handful when she gets older.

David and I have been working on our black and white quilts for the Quilts on the Wall exhibit that will be at Long Beach in July. I am hoping to get some stitching done on mine this week. I am blessed to have some time off and hope to get a decent amount of work done on the stitch designs.

I am also trying to get some Thermofax designs done. Not sure if this will find its way into the current quilt but maybe on one of the sister pieces. I actually have 3 pieces of the black and white design. One I actually did with some fusible applique, and two that I had printed by Spoonflower as backup pieces. Currently I have put away the first piece and am working with one of the Spoonflower pieces. There are areas of the original piece I like better, but there is a major design element on the printed piece that I have not been able to do on the original top. I am thinking this may be a “series” just because of the three pieces started. One may be over dyed, so that will be fun also. The only hint I will give on mine is that Shakespeare plays a part. David’s is a more timely, political statement so we have several centuries covered.

David’s work and mine are so different that it is fun to see them both on the design board side by side. When we hosted the Textures December meeting at our house earlier this month it was fun to see the reactions to our pieces.

Microwaves in our Life

November 23, 2011

My husband pointed out the other day how really old we are. He reminded me that we have been around long enough to remember when “Microwaves” were “Radar Ranges”. This came to the forefront of our lives when our current microwave died. (Hadn’t we gotten a new one just a few years ago?) No. Not quite.

When I drove down to the Maytag store where we purchased the unit that replaced the original stove/microwave combo, they informed me it was eleven years ago! As the original one attached to the stove, we had to replace the microwave AND the stove. This time, I replaced only the microwave.

The most unfortunate thing about the timing of the control panel death, was that I had just baked a bunch of potatoes the day before to use during the week by, you guessed it, heating them in the microwave. I could deal with using the tea kettle for my hot water in the morning, but it is really hard to heat those potatoes without “nuking” them in the “Radar Range”. It was amazing to realize all the little things I use the microwave for. If you don’t believe me, duct tape yours closed for a week and see how well it works for you.

The latest microwave is a sleek, black model that matches the stove. It is so smart, it actually knows when the popcorn’s done. The best and coolest part is that it has a rectangular tray in it. You can actually put in an oblong casserole dish and it won’t knock into the door because it doesn’t spin. The tray moves for and aft while also moving side to side. Fun to watch the first couple of times.

One thing I learned that I will pass on (from actually reading the instruction book) is that you should not leave the metal rack in the oven unless you are actually using it. The rack should only be used when double stacking items in the microwave. Mine is now hanging on a hook for when I need it. How many times have I cooked multiple layers in the microwave in the last eleven years? Maybe four times. I would put the rack away, but then I would forget where it was.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone. May your microwave last to the next decade!

Woo HOO! Website Redirected

October 21, 2011

I would love to say that through major investigative research I was able to brilliantly figure out the problem. But I can’t. It was that I simply missed one small but very important step in redirecting the hosting information. Now to check out all the links and one final issue:

To find out if the email contact addresses I have on one thousand business cards are still good.

It is Official – I am Nuts

October 20, 2011

I wanted the new website live with the “new and improved” look before the article came out in Quilting Arts. That is sort of true with one small hitch. The new website is now live and is found at:

Unfortunately, so far, I have been unsuccessful of redirecting the domain I own to point to this one. Resolving this in a day or two and the “real” address will be working again. I have an email in to the domain holder about my dismal failure and inability to figure it out. I am hoping they take pity on me and get it redirected quickly.

Wish me luck. I need it.

Studio Under Construction

October 9, 2011

Our studio is still under construction. I will be so glad when it is back together and life resumes a more normal function. It is funny that when there is disorganization around (i.e. piles of items that USED to be in the studio but are now in heaps in other rooms) how chaotic the rest of your life feels.

I am getting the walls painted, the new floor is in and the base boards are painted. I have a few touch up areas to do on the walls. I am waiting on David to recover from his very bad cold so that he can install the base boards and then I think we can start putting everything back in. We will be looking to see if the room will go back the way it was or if we will change things around a bit.

I do like the new floor (tiles as opposed to carpet) as cleaning and finding pins will be so much easier. The walls are bright and cheery (how could it not be when one of the colors is called “Goldfish”) and did I mention each wall is a different color? I even got close enough to the window to clean it. The sun comes streaming through in the morning. Wonderful.